Marketing Strategy

“BALT Marketing’s goal is to help businesses like yours to understand what KPIs are the most important, how you compare to others in your industry, and how you can connect them to your day-to-day activities. Uncover the KPIs and strategies successful businesses like yours are using and learn how to create a strategic marketing approach that delivers results is the key to marketing success.

Our team is here to help startups and small-to-medium sized companies with customized and affordable marketing strategies that genuinely transform their businesses and generate results. “


Brand Development

A unique identity and brand voice is crucial to building authentic connections.

Your style is everything. Tone of voice, look and feel, how you communicate with customers… these are all traits that personify your brand.

Our mission is to help you build a unique identity that communicates your core values.


Graphic Design

From branding and identity, to interactive large-scale websites and microsites, our team of designers will transform complex ideas into beautiful designs.

Our team is set up to produce creative assets for fully integrated campaigns, including company logos, branding guidelines, flyers, marketing collateral, and online creatives.


Digital & Web

New digital trends and emerging technologies demand immediate attention, our digital offering constantly evolves to stay ahead and to turn the latest technologies and innovations to your business advantage. . BATL Marketing can help you understand how to improve your website in line with the latest SEO techniques to be found on popular search engines like Google. From Pay-Per-Click through to Facebook advertising, there’s no better way to ensure that your brand end up in front of the right audience. We can help you maximise your spend to get the best results.


Social Media

At BATL, we believe social media engagement is about storytelling and building trust with an audience. We will tell your story in a new way, with unique content over key channels. Your brand will be written and talked about in all the right places.

Together, let’s make your brand a part of the conversation.


Experiential Marketing

Events are a great way to go big with your brand and make a lasting impact on the people that matter to you. We are experts in getting people to attend, interact and engage.

From a startup launch to elaborated celebrations, we have the expertise to help with any event, on-time and on-schedule.


Content Strategy

Building trust and credibility starts with content. 

Show your customers you understand and care about your industry through custom content – like videos and articles that are relevant and informative.

We’ve built a team of talented writers, creatives, and producers that will develop impactful and engaging content for your brand.


video production

Create engaging video content that drive traffic and generates sales.

Whether you are looking for a big commercial production, a sales video, or even just content for an event. We will work with you and our partner Film MIA to brief initial ideas, create storyboards, production and delivery your final content.