Integrated Marketing Solutions

We have developed the BATL approach, an innovative and comprehensive integrated marketing strategy that combines both Below the Line (BTL) and Above the Line (ATL) initiatives. Our goal is to drive brand building and boost sales by taking a holistic view of the market and effectively reaching your target audience through various channels.

BTL strategies

When it comes to Below the Line strategies, we understand the importance of precision and targeting. We will work closely with you to identify specific customer segments that are relevant to your business. By leveraging demographic and psychographic characteristics, we will craft highly targeted initiatives designed to engage these specific groups. Our BTL strategies are not only easy to track but are also meticulously designed to deliver a 100% ROI (Return on Investment) for your marketing efforts.

ATL strategies

To effectively communicate with the mass market, our Above the Line strategies come into play. Through these initiatives, your brand will have the opportunity to reach larger audiences and significantly enhance its visibility. By leveraging ATL channels, we ensure that your message is effectively delivered to the masses, creating awareness and generating interest in your products or services.

BATL's Integrated marketing approach, creates individualized 360- degree campaigns, combining BTL and ATL initiatives oriented to brand building and growing sales throught a holistic view of the market and taking out your message in every relevant channel.